What’s Your Truth In the New Year?

January 4, 2020

I have been on the verge of major personal breakthroughs in the past year, yet I’ve felt as though there was just something missing. Something I wasn’t doing “right”. I was ready to jump but felt like I just couldn’t take the leap I needed to. And I couldn’t figure out why…I had created a business that didn’t fail and made a profit- not a huge one, but it was something. Tangible success.I was beginning to communicate better with my partner…more open discussions, more questions, more honesty. This was dire and it felt so good to not be afraid to ask anything.We traveled more. I rediscovered my love for nature and understood why I needed to take time for myself, especially via the outdoors.I was starting to form a great community around me. Genuine people who shared similar passions and wanted to give and receive support the same way I … Continued

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Apple Crumble

October 3, 2019

I love desserts. I love making desserts. I love feeding other people dessert. And while I will be the first one to admit that I love making things filled with butter, sugar, and excess, I can’t say I love how they make me feel afterwards. Transitioning to foods that I could indulge in but not feel awful immediately after was not an overnight transition but a much needed one. But with a couple tweaks and alternative baking ingredients, I promise it is so easy!This may be one of the easiest recipes you can make…It’s gluten/dairy free, pretty low in sugar and a great way to showcase apples you picked from a local orchard. You can tailor this recipe too which I love! Instead of apples, try a mix of apples and pears…If you don’t care for pecans, find another nut you like! Almonds would be tasty, as would walnuts, macadamias … Continued

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Holiday 2019 Menu

October 1, 2019

Holiday Dinners are some of the biggest and most important meals for many families!As healthier alternatives become more popular, and needs such as gluten and dairy free arise, some of our traditional and most beloved meals have to be revised to suit everyone’s needs.If all of that sounds totally overwhelming and not something you’d enjoy, let me do the cooking for you!This year I will offer a wide selection of entrees, side dishes, desserts and basic cooking items to support you during the holidays.Get your meals delivered, have a private chef for the evening, or pick up food that just to be heated and served.Click Here to Learn More! 

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August Menu

August 8, 2019

Click Here To View August Menu!10% off every $100 order for the entire month to celebrate Back to School!

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Lemon Bars

July 23, 2019

Most kind of ‘bars’ for desserts, or anything super citrus-y has never been my kind of jam. Of course, I’d never pass either up, but I would never go out of my way to make or eat one. But when I decided to try the lemon bars from the Sweet Laurel cookbook, my mind was instantly changed. With some tweaks and adjustments, I really think I’ve found the ultimate lemon bar. The crust is sturdy, but light enough to match the airy texture of the lemon curd, which is just a perfect blend of sweet and acidic. It’s one of those desserts that fit any occasion, and don’t weight you down with that sugary-sick-to-my-stomach- kind of feeling afterwards. These bars also make me feel like a lady. Because they would and could impress anyone at afternoon tea…if I were ever to do that kind of thing.Some Baking Notes:If you aren’t … Continued

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