August Menu

August 8, 2019

Click Here To View August Menu!10% off every $100 order for the entire month to celebrate Back to School!

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Lemon Bars

July 23, 2019

Most kind of ‘bars’ for desserts, or anything super citrus-y has never been my kind of jam. Of course, I’d never pass either up, but I would never go out of my way to make or eat one. But when I decided to try the lemon bars from the Sweet Laurel cookbook, my mind was instantly changed. With some tweaks and adjustments, I really think I’ve found the ultimate lemon bar. The crust is sturdy, but light enough to match the airy texture of the lemon curd, which is just a perfect blend of sweet and acidic. It’s one of those desserts that fit any occasion, and don’t weight you down with that sugary-sick-to-my-stomach- kind of feeling afterwards. These bars also make me feel like a lady. Because they would and could impress anyone at afternoon tea…if I were ever to do that kind of thing.Some Baking Notes:If you aren’t … Continued

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June Meal Prep Menu

May 27, 2019

Every month I post a new menu for meal prep delivery! CLICK HERE to find out what’s cooking this month! 

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No Bake Energy Bars

April 2, 2019

I may have to admit, these have been my FAVORITE thing I’ve created so far. So delicious and can really be tailored to get a ton of healthy fats, fiber and minerals in them! I’ll admit, I am not a huge fan of just eating raw nuts. Never have been! So I load these up with all the nuts that I normally wouldn’t eat by themselves so I have no excuse not to eat them.These can really be a design-your-own kind of bar…you can add whatever nuts you’d like and throw in any other thing that sounds good..they’re perfect to experiment with!One thing that I want to point out..Just because these have many great nutritious ingredients, or healthy fats doesn’t mean they’re  ‘keto’ or ‘low carb.’ I hate labeling food. These bars will have a higher fat/carb content, so keep that in mind when incorporating them into your meals! If you … Continued

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Meal Prep Menu for April 2019

April 1, 2019

Hello All!I thought it would be easier to put each month’s menu up on the website for ease of access!This menu is for my meal prep offerings, which I make and deliver weekly. Follow the link to learn how ordering works, payments and delivery! Meals can be tailored to fit any nutritional needs, but are always gluten/dairy free!The menu rotates monthly, so there’s always something new to try.As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about anything at all! 

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5 Tips to Success with your New Years Goals [or any others!]

January 19, 2019

 Somehow January is already creeping to a close and if you’re like a large percentage of the population, this means you’ve created some kind of resolution in this new year.It’s always puzzled me why people are so much more apt to start something in the beginning of a new year. I mean, I get the whole “clean slate” idea and the desire to start off on the right foot, but from a marketing perspective, it can often feel so fake to feel like you’re obliged to have a new year’s resolution. Companies prey on those they know will be more apt to buy a new workout program or start a new “lifestyle” that is of course guaranteed to change your life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve convinced myself to do something like this for countless years, until I started catching on to my patterns of habit making and habit breaking. … Continued

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Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

December 6, 2018

Homemade Pizza night was a staple of my childhood. To this day, it remains my favorite food that I can eat disgusting amounts of. I mean it, it’s shameful how much pizza I can eat in one sitting. Even when I know I am going to feel like crap from the dairy overload. Sometimes you make sacrifices for things you love, guys. Although this is not gluten free, I wanted to highlight this recipe because I think it’s a great easy starter recipe for people who want to begin to introduce better food selection into your diet. It can be overwhelming and counterproductive to do a complete 180 with your diet overnight. I love a good swap for a better quality ingredient. By swapping white over processed flour for sprouted, whole wheat flour, you are getting back nutrients that the white flour simply does not have.It is a more natural, unrefined … Continued

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Brazil Nut Pesto

November 29, 2018

I could probably figure out a way to put pesto in everything. Seriously, I love its flavor. Also, being partially Italian, I just think it’s in my genes to be drawn to flavors of basil, nuts and cheese. I love the challenge of converting my tried and true recipes from my restaurant background into more nutritionally sound ones, so I began exploring other ways to make a pesto. This version turned out great! The star of this recipe is the Brazil nut. Not a very commonly known nut, but one that should definitely be on your radar! It’s an easy swap out for any soft, meaty nut like pine nuts, macadamias or cashews. Brazil nuts are a good source of protein, a healthy saturated fat and is rich in minerals. It is especially rich in Selenium which is very important for the body. It’s main role is as an antioxidant, … Continued

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