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Meal Preparation Abundant Plate Wellness

Finding Time To Do It All

Organic Fresh-Made Meals Abundant Plate Wellness

Life has a funny way of constantly pulling us in every direction. Our minds are constantly distracted, filled with to do lists and bombarded with the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of the current fad diet! It can be so hard to hear past all the noise and take a moment for ourselves. Eating a meal with loved ones may often seem like it is only reserved for holidays, and a quiet, sit down lunch is nothing but a distant dream.
I want to help you reconnect with the grounding relationships food brings. When allowed, food can bring support, gratitude, vitality and love to wherever it is brought. Abundant Plate can simplify your schedule and provide the moment you may have forgotten you ever even needed. A moment where you can sit down, savor and enjoy a meal, either for yourself of in the company of others. Let us find the best options for you, do all the shopping so that you may take back more time for what’s important to you.

Why Abundant Plate Meals?

Food culture today is riddled with over processed, chemically altered, and low quality food. Store shelves are stocked with foods full of convenience, but not much else. “Meal Prep” food has become a trend based solely off calories, with little regard to the quality of the food itself. At Abundant Plate Wellness, we believe that food is so much more than calories. We focus on the quality, preparation, and nutritional content of the food in order to provide each client with balanced, energizing foods that are free of processed sugars, flours, and oils. We strive to use as much local, seasonal, and organic food as nature allows to provide you with pure, wholesome meals.

Organic Homemade Meals

Personal Meals to Support Your Health

Our nourishing, nutrient dense meals are easily customizable to a client’s specific nutritional needs with an optional nutritional assessment and review of health and dietary habits. This allows us to optimize every meal so you receive the precise nutrients, vitamins, or minerals your body may need. Choose from our weekly selections of meal offerings to fit your lifestyle:

  • Choose any combination of breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Meals can be ordered as individual or family-sized.
  • Meals are delivered once per week.

Simplify Your Meal Preparation!

Put more on your plate with Abundant Plate’s meal prep service. For more details call us at (317) 797-9906 or request meal preparation services today.