Changing one’s relationship with food can often be overwhelming and scary. Let us guide you through the process with education, habits, and food ideas to help you reach your best self.

Nutritional Consulting Indianapolis

One-on-One Nutritional Consulting

Abundant Plate Wellness Nutritional Consulting Indianapolis

The key to creating long lasting, effective habits is through education and consistency. With personalized guidance, Abundant Plate strives to teach you how to listen to your body, respect what it needs, and nourish it from within. We don’t focus simply on calories or foods you “can’t” eat. We focus on supporting your foundations of health such as digestion, blood sugar regulation, micro-nutrient uptake, and healthy fats to help your body have all the tools it needs to thrive. Think of your body as a set of dominoes. If one process is not functioning or doing its job, its effects ripple throughout your entire body. By focusing on foundational health from the beginning, we ensure your body is set up for success to carry through with whatever changes you may desire or need.

Custom Plans For Your Specific Lifestyle

In each individual consultation, we will discuss the nutritional foundations you need in order to support a healthy lifestyle. Our one-on-one consultations also include:

  • Weekly check-ins accessible by phone or email
  • Complete nutritional analysis
  • Food journal review
  • Grocery store visits
  • Kitchen clean-out
  • Grocery lists & weekly meal plans
  • Discussions regarding exercise, movement, relaxation, and destressing

Our nutritional counseling sessions can be accessed either in person or on-line.

Take The Next Step

Abundant Plate serves the Geist, Fishers, Carmel, and the surrounding Indianapolis areas. Call (317) 797-9906 for information about our consulting services or request your free nutritional assessment now.